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dnhs 03-25-2011 01:11 PM

PHP Alumni Pro Download
If your looking for the PHP alumni web site template/platform called Alumni Pro 2.0 then you can download it at:

Alumni Pro 2.0 is a simple alumni web site template PHP based site platform which was produced by [Jafo] and released for free use in the year 2009.

Unfortunately the web site is no longer up and it resolves to now instead. Thus resulting in people coming to this site looking for Alumni Pro.

The wealth of information in regards to quirks/bugs and how to do things using the Alumni Pro PHP platform was unfortunately lost when the site's forum was removed. Had I know this was going to happen I would have noted the information for future reference myself.

With that said your going to need to have a decent understanding of PHP to utilize the site as it does requires slight modification to work right depending on where it is installed.

The original site's description of the alumni platform for your reference is listed below.

Alumni Pro

The AlumniPro allows you to run a classmates website or any alumni type portal. Users can post a picture of themselves and also add a short bio. The administrator can add more fields if desired and display any given information.
Alumni can be sorted by class year, and or last name. They are also notified if their class is having an anniversary year. All anniversary years can be listed for quick reference.

Here is a list of just some of the new features:
  • Picture uploads
  • Automatic picture cropping and resizing
  • User contributed comment system
  • Contact alumni without revealing their email addresses
  • Anti-Spam measures using turing tests
  • Add unlimited questions to user profile page
  • SPEED! The AlumniPro is FAST!
  • MySQL back end holds all data
  • Search engine friendly URLs for alumni pages (Apache)
  • Anniversary notification (users are told about class anniversary/reunion time)
  • Show alumni in list or yearbook mode
  • Allow or disallow comments from guests
  • Contact administrator form
  • Complete plugin system
  • Template system allows for multiple and easy plugin templates
  • Script sends mail either via PHP’s built in mail() function or SMTP
  • SMTP authentication supported
  • Comments can be approved before going live
  • The class years can be set by the administrator
  • Alumni notified if someone posts a comment to their page
  • Users can exclude themselves from the alumni listings
  • Alumni can be sorted by name and or class year
  • Editable tagline in every email sent to users
  • Email registration validation (optional)
  • PHP 4.x and 5.x compatible
  • Complete administrator control panel
Our previous version which had not been updated in ten years was released for free some time ago. This version is a complete rewrite and is also free.

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