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Bridge Not Mapping Roles Correctly

Forgive me if this was brought up before, but I have not seen anything about this issue specifically.

The bridge works fine and mapping users works fine (for the most part). The issue I am having is certain plugins that displayed prior to the bridge being installed are no longer there.

Example: If I am mapped as an Admin in WP I can see all Admin functions except for one.

Example 2: Mapping a user as an Editor in WP works too, but a certain plugin that requires a user to be at least an Editor doesn't display anymore.

In other words, 2 separate plugins don't work when users are mapped. Those same plugins work fine when using a regular WP login. So the issue is in the mapping.

I guess I just need to know where it checks the users roles from the database and tells WordPress. I feel like that is where the disconnect is. How can I know what user role WP thinks I am when logged in via the bridge?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The bridge works great aside from this issue.
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vbulletin wordpress bridge

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