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Tracing MySQL Queries in Vbulletin

Sometimes you find the need to to trace back where queries are coming from, whether they be in your slow log, or if you are watching them real time. Sometimes it can be hard finding which script is firing certain queries. By editing includes/class_core.php, you can insert a MySQL comment at the end of all queries telling you what script was invoked when the call was made. Find this code:

PHP Code:
    function &execute_query($buffered true, &$link)
$this->connection_recent =& $link;
Add this line afterwards:

PHP Code:
$this->sql .= ' #Executed from ' $this->escape_string(THIS_SCRIPT); 
Now when you view a query coming through the MySQL server, you will see something like:

SELECT * FROM thread where userid = 901324 #Executed from showthread
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